About in Situ upgrading :

"Incremental  upgrading  is  not  about stopgap  or  temporary  solutions. It is 
an inherently flexible process, that can shift as people’s aspirations grow and 
their  options  evolve.  A  solar  home system,  for  example,  can  be 
augmented by  a grid  connection  for the household when  (and  if)  such a 
connection is provided."

Also see : Forum report on in situ upgrading (973 mb)

"Conceptualising a sustainable energy solution for in situ - informal settlement upgrading" : by Andreas Keller (9.11mb )

For municipal or governmental interventions to provide basic services and shack fire prevention , an entrepreneur from that community will be trained in the installation and maintenance of the units . Ongoing business and technical support to this entrepreneur will be provided creating permanent employment for him/her.




* All systems guaranteed for one year "

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2013 - built with a PC powered by solar



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